Home Visits and Acu-Parties

In Frederick, Montgomery and Howard Counties, MD, we now offer at-home services.

Home Visits:

Ear AcupunctureFor an additional fee, we can come to you. This is especially nice for people who cannot drive or who are bedridden and need acupuncture services. We bring all materials with us, and can work with you to determine if a table or relaxing zero-gravity recliner is needed for treatment.




We can do an Acu-party for your book group, church meeting or girls night out. We do a small intro explanation and provide either Auricular acupuncture for stress relief (as a one-time only service) or community style acupuncture with Zero gravity recliners. We can charge per person and take credit cards or cash. The minimum is 4 people, which must be secured with an up-front deposit of $100 for the practitioner’s time. This deposit is non-refundable if the party is cancelled or less than the minimum number of people arrive, but can be held over for a future party if you reschedule.

I also am happy to work with home party representatives to add to your open house party or other gathering.

Please contact us to schedule these services.